D U C A T I O N:

P.W.A bears the expenses of poor and deserving students for fees, books and uniforms. P.W.A have plans to establish a comprehensive institution where students will be provided free education, training, vocational training, computer classes etc.

The Society aims at increasing the literacy rate of the community and improving the standard and effectiveness of its educational institutions, and so, works:

  1. To help students with learning difficulties pursue their education by providing them with free tuition.
  2. To help deserving students pursue their education by providing them with financial aid and scholarships.
  3. To identify talented students in near bye schools and encourage them through various award ceremonies and helps they build confidence by making them compete with the best studentps in the country.
  4. To maintain the infrastructure of educational and civic institutes in needy areas.

The Executive Committee defines a deserving student as one who is unable to study because of:

  1. Lack of teacher(s).
  2. Medical reasons.
  3. Financial reasons.


At the start of every academic year,  Paigham Welfare Association organizes schooling activities for Students of schools. The schooling activity focuses on providing free tuitions by volunteers in the premises of school and plans are to introduce motivational. Educational Scholarships are also provided to many students who cannot afford to buy the school books or uniforms etc. Currently Paigham Welfare is active in schools in P.W.A catering up to 500 students. It is heartening to know that P.W.A with its limited publicity is able to get enough volunteers for the smooth running of schooling facilities. Maybe my supposition of a dead youth doesn’t become visible here.


P.W.A launched its IT Outreach Program as part of its efforts to bring prosperity to the region of P.W.A in the field of education by providing students with necessary facilities. The program includes setting up of computer labs in various government high schools in the surrounding areas of Institute, and also providing basic computing training to the students.

Paigham Rehabilitation Center

Paigham Rehabilitation Center is a locate in Karachi for the rehabilitate children. The poor parents having problem to educate and look after their such children. The Paigham Rehabilitation Center will look after these children and educate them for their upcoming future.



School Quiz Competition

Paigham Welfare Association arranged a grant function with reference to defense day at KW&SB Officer’s Club Sharah-e-Faisal Karachi on 4th September 2015. School Children took part in quiz competition, sang national songs and presented tableau. It was a wonderful presentation which will be long remember by the participants and the audience.